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Life Blooms With Healthy Mushrooms!

We believe healthy organic mushrooms are the golden cornerstone of health & vitality. Functional mushrooms can enrich our lives by promoting our immunity, focus, athletic performance, & ease stress! Plus, our crafted recipes utilize naturally delicious terpenes & additional healthy supplements to help improve the flavor & overall wellness benefits. Check out what we have to offer and “Bloom with us today!”

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A quick & delicious wellness routine to super-boost your health! 

Golden bloom Complex Mushroom Tincture


GB Mushroom tincture

Gain the wellness benefits of 14 functional mushrooms + natural terpenes!

GB Mushroom tincture

Golden Bloom Mushroom Extract Gummies

GB Mushroom Gummies Jar

Chew into these amazing gummies that have the benefits of 14 different functional mushrooms.

GB Mushroom Gummies Jar
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Golden Bloom Philosophy

Up your health & wellness game by harnessing the power of functional mushrooms + terpenes!

Golden Bloom’s Mushroom Journey

Years ago, we set out to create the absolute best mushroom supplements. While searching for the healthiest medicinal mushrooms, we also discovered the world of botanical terpenes, along with other excellent supplements & their unique health benefits!

Like mushrooms, terpenes, & other supplements like Ashwagandha, Turmeric Curcumin, and Bacopa Monnieri can make our body & mind feel more invigorated, boost our immunity, fight bacteria, provide us with extra energy & much more.

From those efforts, we crafted Golden Bloom’s specialized formulations. Our tinctures combine healthy mushrooms with added terpenes for a tasty health boost, and our gummies combine mushrooms plus other superb supplements for a deliciously healthy option. We are confident that our mushroom supplements taste & work better than average mushroom options!

The Best Mushrooms Bloom At Our Farms

All our mushrooms are grown on American USDA-certified farms. We only source mushrooms from a few farms that we carefully monitor. And our farmers have over 20 years of experience growing & processing medicinal mushrooms, so you can be confident that our products are of the highest quality!

Our Triple Extraction Process Is Our Golden Standard

Each batch of mushrooms is processed using a triple extraction method that includes fermentation, hot water, and organic food-grade alcohol. The complete process takes 120 days & yields the highest levels of Beta Glucans!

Healthy Mushrooms - Frequently Asked Questions

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Keep Blooming & Stay Golden!

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